Why HIPAA-compliant messaging is key!

Why HIPAA-Compliant messaging is key


Like all healthcare entities, call centers are also governed by HIPAA-compliant rules. Since agents access each caller’s personal information, these rules apply every time a patient calls in with a question, data is stored, or information is transferred. The storing of health records in the cloud coupled with the patient’s desire to communicate electronically creates even more stringent rules.

What is HIPAA -Compliant Messaging?

Keeping patient information confidential is the primary responsibility of any organization in the health care industry. HIPAA- compliant messaging ensures that healthcare organizations and other associated businesses can keep sensitive information protected while still maintaining a high level of customer care.

Our platforms for secure messaging meet healthcare industry standards to ensure the integrity of sensitive patient information. Healthcare facilities use HIPAA- compliant messaging to ensure that communications are safe and comply with industry regulations. Doing so increases productivity and raises the standard of patient healthcare.

Why Using HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging is Important

Though it’s often mentioned in the call center industry, not every company understands the requirements of HIPAA. This is specifically relevant when it comes to protecting information about your patients.

HIPPA-compliant messaging addresses patient privacy concerns. With data breaches always making headlines, consumers are very concerned about the security of their information. However, most of these breaches occur outside of the healthcare industry.  Being able to ensure that your customer’s data is safe goes a long way in building their trust and alleviating any anxiety.

Aside from HIPAA requirements, it is just best practice to use secure messaging. Leading medical answering services know this and use it. They have been using secure messaging for years. They insist upon it because they know it’s the right thing to do: for them, for you, and your patients.

Given that your customer’s privacy is at stake, the importance of HIPAA-compliant messaging cannot be overstated. Beyond protecting information from improper access, is protecting your patients’ confidence in you.

Endicott’s HIPAA -Compliant Call Center Services

Endicott’s HIPAA- compliant call centers solve many of the most common complaints in terms of keeping patient information private. HIPPA- compliant call centers increase the cycle of communication, streamline workflows and enhance patient service levels. General hospitals, private practices, outpatient facilities, pharmacies, and health insurance plans rely on our services to make certain they exceed regulations. This lowers the risks for security breaches and patient dissatisfaction.

You won’t ever have to worry about Endicott’s call representatives compromising your patients’ medical information. Our representatives are easy to talk to, and your patients can feel at ease talking to Endicott about their private health matters.

Complying with HIPAA standards, Endicott permits only a select group of agents to access patient information and engage with callers on our secure communications network. To prevent unauthorized access to patient information, conversations are encrypted, files cannot be downloaded and messages expire after a predetermined time. Any potential breach in our activity monitoring system triggers an immediate emergency protocol to protect patient information.

With a medical answering service, your patients know that when they have a medical concern, there will always be someone who’s waiting to take their calls. They can ask their most pressing health-related questions and request emergency medical care. When we get after-hours calls, Endicott proceeds based on your guidelines. That could mean directing emergency calls to you or paging the practitioner on call.

Your patients may call your business when they’re under a great deal of stress. This could be because they are experiencing an after-hours medical emergency or concerned about the high cost of their medical care. Whatever emotions your patients are experiencing, Endicott can help them feel at ease.

You can be confident that Endicott will accurately respond to all of these questions. Endicott can also handle all literature requests, so your patients get all the information they need. We understand how stressful medical concerns are. That’s why Endicott will always speak to your patients in a friendl, but respectful manner.

The training and experience of our call representatives help them know how to handle just about any situation with a caller. They will always answer the phones with empathy. Our representatives remain calm on the phone while working to offer your patients solutions to their problems. This is exactly the kind of help any medical organization needs!


Choose Endicott! We are Connecting Your Business with 24/7 HIPAA-compliant Call Center Solutions!

Endicott’s medical answering service scripts are completely customizable to your needs. We are also a bilingual answering service. We help with English and Spanish-speaking patients.

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