We Specialize in Answering Services for Physicians

Doctor on the phone with a patient holding a small box


A variety of businesses from all sorts of industries rely heavily on live answering services to provide communication between them and their customers; the medical field can surely attest to that. For over 10 years Endicott Comm has been delivering the best doctor’s answering services on the market. Not only is there a specific Medical Answering Service, there are also certain regulations that need to be met specifically for them! When dealing with medical information, patient privacy and security of phone calls are top priorities. Also, when using such a service, it is important to stay current with all regulations.

Is there a specific requirement that distinguish a medical answering service to any other?

Yes! The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets a strict standard on how companies that deal with sensitive and private patient health information is handled.

How secure is the information?

All customer success representatives are trained to keep all messages and information gathered during a call made with the medical answering service are entered in a web portal that would be accessible to all the pertaining medical offices. Said offices will have the ability to make these portals available to their physicians staff members.

Are the customer success representatives knowledgeable on the subject?

Certainly! Our medical answering service team is kept up to date with any current changes pertaining to patients, policies, and procedures that must be followed.

What are the benefits of using a medical answering service?

Patients will always have access to speaking to a live agent at any time, day or night. This also includes weekends and holidays! Physicians have the ability to get paged directly and have messages delivered to their specific needs. (Priorities and guidelines are available to be set as needed.) Time sensitive matters can be handled in an effectively and timely fashion!

What is offered through this medical answering service?

  • No call is ever missed! Live agents! No voice mail!
  • Handles initial inbound call from patient.
  • Pages to doctor/physician as instructed.
  • Routes call to appropriate support as needed.
  • Place follow up calls to assure the patient was contacted.

The addition of a medical answering service will help improve organization, handle inquiries in atimely fashion, and open up a communication channel between patients and their physicians.