What an Answering Service Portal Can Do for You

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Use a Secure Online Portal to Better Manage Your Answering Service Account


An answering service portal, such as the Intellisite cloud-based system, is a self-service solution that allows answering service clients to better manage their account and quickly facilitate communication. However, a live chat portal is a customer service tool, not a customer service substitute. Any time a client wishes to talk with an answering service’s customer service support staff, they can easily do so.

When your answering solution provides you with an online portal, you can securely access your account from any internet-connected device, such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet. This provides access anytime of the day or night, from virtually anywhere.

Here are some of the things an answering service portal can accomplish.

Manage Your Answering Service MessagesiStock-537212737-104705-edited

Not only can you view your messages from an answering servicing portal, but you can also print, email, and file them—all without ever having to talk to your answering partner. But when you have a question, they’re just a phone call away. And if you ever need to find an old message from days, weeks, or even months ago, this handy online portal allows you to search for them. This is message management at its best.

Make Changes to Your Answering Service Account

If your organization has people on call, then you know the hassles of keeping an accurate, up-to-date on-call schedule. Things come up, emergencies occur, and employees swap shifts. Keeping the BPO informed of the latest developments is a challenging prospect—unless you have an online portal, which allows you to make changes in real time. Edit on-call assignments, adjust schedules, and update contact information. As soon as you click save, this new information is immediately available to everyone of your answering operators. You can also update directories, members, and alerts, too.

Monitor Answering Service Performance

An online answering service portal allows you to access a detailed log of all account activity. This is in addition to accessing a complete database of your messages, which includes access to call recordings. These call recordings allow you to confirm the accuracy of information or to do quality assurance checks.


This secure, mobile-friendly tool literally puts the management and control of your answering service account in your hands. Use it to provide new information in real time, manage your messages, and oversee your account. And if you ever wish to talk to a person about these things, no problem. Like always, your answering solution is standing by, awaiting your call.

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