What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

What is a Virtual Receptionist


Realize Key Benefits and Capitalize on Business Opportunities with a Virtual Receptionist


What is a virtual receptionist, and why do you need one?

If you have a business, you have a telephone. Someone needs to answer it. Usually that’s a receptionist. And if you’re too small an operation to need a receptionist, that means you’re likely the person who answers phone calls. But what happens when you’re not around to answer? That means you need a receptionist too.

So the receptionist part is someone to answer your phone. What about the virtual part? In today’s business usage, virtual refers to something that’s not present. Although it exists, it exists somewhere else.

Tying these two concepts together, a virtual receptionist is a real person who answers your phone, even though they’re not in your office. They can answer your phone calls, along with phone calls for a few other businesses too. Everyone has the benefits of a receptionist, but no one needs to cover the payroll and benefit expenses of hiring a full-time employee. This provides an economical solution to getting your phone answered.

Here are some benefits you can realize when you have a virtual receptionist.


Make A Great First ImpressionMake a Great First Impression:

All that a virtual receptionist does is answer phone calls. It’s what they do, and they excel at it. When a virtual receptionist answers your calls, they make a great first impression on your caller.


Reduced Lost Calls:

If your virtual receptionist is busy when your call comes in, there’s another one backing them up. There’s also a backup for the backup. This means when you hire a virtual receptionist you will have far fewer missed calls and realize more business opportunities, then if you had a single person sitting in your office.


Increase Focus on Key TasksIncreased Focus on Key Tasks:

 When your virtual receptionist answers your phone, this frees you to attend to other work without interruption. With fewer interruptions comes increased focus. This allows you to get more done, get it done faster, and get it done better.


Build Trust with Callers:

Your virtual receptionist will follow your instructions and answer your calls in a consistent manner every time. They’ll do this with professionalism while remaining personable to your callers. This helps establish trust, which reflects positively to your company.


Gain More Business:

When you hire a receptionist for your office, they’ll work forty hours a week. When you hire a virtual receptionist, they’re available around-the-clock, 24/7. This means your business is available whenever anyone happens to call. This results in more potential business and in increased sales.


Respond to Customer Needs:

Your virtual receptionist handles your phone calls 24/7. This makes your company more responsive to your callers and customers. This increases satisfaction and decreases customer churn. Not only will your virtual receptionist help you earn more business, but they’ll also help you keep the business you have.



To realize all these benefits and capitalize on the opportunities that a virtual receptionist provides, contact a professional telephone answering service to learn more.


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