Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Receptionist

Women smiling while wearing a headset


Starting up a new business or expanding your small business is filled with excitement. Dealing with your first customer, to your first sell out or complete booking. But what about when you get too many customers? It might be time for you to consider hiring a virtual receptionist to assist with your call overflow.

Missing calls means missing opportunities!

Making sure that there is someone available to answer your calls during normal business hours is incredibly important. Customers do not like having to sit on hold for extended periods of time and may become impatient while waiting for someone to answer and simply hang up. Eliminate that problem completely by always having someone available to take your calls.

Extra time to be productive!

It often feels like there are not enough hours in the day. From getting ready to start the business day and dealing with that days work, to answering messages and setting new appointments, the day seems to just fly by. By using a virtual receptionist to take some of those responsibilities from you, more time is made available.

Keep a positive business image!

As your company grows, so do your responsibilities and customers’ expectations. You calls will always be answered professionally and greeted with a friendly agent. They introduce your business and themselves as well as offer assistance. Customers appreciate being assisted so promptly.

Extended availability!

Normal business hours for customer support are a thing of the past. Why not have someone available to take your calls even when your business is closed. By using a virtual receptionist, your business is open for inquiries and consultation appointment settings day or night. Services are offered around the clock, weekends and holidays included.

Call logs and records!

In order to provide and guarantee excellent customer support, we hold our agents to the hightest quality assurance on every call. We maintain logs of every customer contact as well as a record it. You have the ability to review these calls yourself to maintain insight on the customer service provided and have the ability to change any part of the scripted phone call.