What is a Property Management Answering Service?

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There are many advantages in using a property management answering service and it is incredibly convenient. Whether you are an apartment manager of a complex or a property owner, the can be a custom plan made out for any situation.

As an apartment manager, the list of responsibilities is endless. Anything and everything that happens at the location, is on you. So how can you find time to manage it all? Utilizing an answering service will have a great impact.

    • Have someone available 24 hours a day! A live bilingual representative would be available to take calls at any time. Service are available 7 days a week, including holidays!
    • Have quicker response times! Since there will always be someone available to take your calls, organization and time responses will definitely improve.
    • No need for voice mails! A live agent will gladly take any message. Proper documentation and escalation will be done every time.
    • Instant payment processing! No need to take your time to assist with rent or payments owed. We can handle that over the phone for you as well!
    • After-hours emergencies are tended to! Late night calls of “emergencies” that can wait until morning will not longer be an issue for you. You define what is and is not an emergency and when you should be contacted.

Staying on top of several properties can be tedious. Despite being the property owner, there are other things than can be dealt with then having to answer the phone all the time. You may in a meeting, showing a property, or maybe just out for lunch. With a property management answering service, we do all that work for you! Our agents are trained to take on any and all of your calls. By using the service:

  • You can get calls directly forwarded to you upon request!
  • Up to date listing status can be relayed to callers!
  • Detailed information regarding the property  is made available!