Why Hire Dental Answering Services

Doctor taking a call on the phone and looking at something he's holding


Dental emergencies can happen‌ day or night. Patients feel the urgency of getting a hold of someone there and then. Live calls could overflow in your office, and your patients would quickly grow weary from waiting on the phone too long. Dental answering services provide your patients with a live customer service agent and the attention they need. Call center agents are an extension of your business and always match your level of professionalism.

Benefits of Using Dental Answering Services

Not only do we consider patient information privacy of utmost importance, but companies must also be HIPAA compliant because it’s the law! Patient information is confidential and only shared through a web portal accessible to dentists and selected staff members! Never worry about staying compliant; you always are! Privacy is a top priority. Your goals are our answering services goals too.

Keep your office hours open indefinitely. Your patients no longer need to leave a message on a machine or need to wait until morning to be assisted. Agents are available, day or night, weekend or holiday, to take ‌all of your calls. Patients appreciate the ease of knowing someone can assist them quickly and attentively.

No longer will you receive unwanted solicitation calls, telemarketing calls, or any other call not about your business. A professional agent will answer your calls and take messages as needed. Dispatching services are available for emergency assistance, and you would only get a page as instructed.

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