What should your answering service be doing for you?

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Here are 5 things your answering service should be doing for you.

Many companies are taking advantage of using a business answering service. But with so many out there, how do you know if you are using the right one? Your business may have specifics needs that may or may not be met with the service you are already using. It’s a matter of knowing what you need and matching to a company that can offer you that and so much more.

Do you have live agents?

Why put your customers through the hassle of pushing 1 for option A and pushing 2 for option B. Use a business answering service that offers friendly, professional agents. Customers would much rather be greeted by a live person than a machine. It is so much easier to talk to someone instead of needing to go through countless prompts, only to be asked to repeat that information again.

Do you ever really need to be closed?

One of the great benefits from using a business answering service is being able to open your availability. There is no need to have limited business hours where customers are “allowed” to call. There is no need for answering machines for customers to leave a message. Make sure you use a service that offers assistance 24/7/365. There should never be another missed opportunity. Every call should be answered, day or night, weekend or holiday. Customers will definitely appreciate knowing their concerns are easily answered with just a simple phone call.

Is your company being represented well?

Agents should be answering to callers as an extension of your company. Customers like knowing that they are calling someone who knows what they are talking about. Agents should be able to answer the phone as a representative of your company, should be aware of how to greet your callers, and follow a customized script fitted to your needs. Agents should be trained to be professional at all times and always put the customer first.

Do you have help with scheduling?

Using a business answering service will give you the ease of knowing appointments can be set. Agents will have the ability to assist with scheduling meetings, updating calendars, and even sending out reminders at your specifications. This is a great organizational opportunity that can be easily added to your business.

Need a daily report?

Having options on how your messages are delivered is also a great benefit. You have the ability to have a daily fax to your office every morning. This way when you walk in, it is already there waiting for you. You have the option of an email instead, detailing any and all of your calls with any important information. Make sure your business answering service is offering you options that will ultimately benefit you!