Why Everyone Should Use a Bilingual Answering Service

Why Everyone Should Have a Bilingual Answering Service



Don’t Dismiss the Non-English Speakers in Your Marketplace

Do all your callers speak English? Do they all speak English as a primary language? Even if you think they all do, you’re probably wrong. Failing to communicate with your callers in their preferred language will alienate them and cause you to lose business. That’s why you need a bilingual answering service.

With this service, you can:

Improve Customer Relations:

If someone who can’t speak English or doesn’t speak it with confidence calls your phone number, they’ll hang up if they’re presented with English-only options. Not only will you have lost that phone call and the potential business it represents, but you’ll also lose the lifetime value of that customer. And they’ll be sure to tell their non-English-speaking friends.

However, when you use a bilingual answering service, you’ll be able to serve this under-served demographic. They’ll appreciate your business, and that will elevate the standing of your company within their community.

Earn Customer Loyalty:

Earn Customer Loyalty

When your answering service can effectively communicate with non-English-speaking callers, you’ll earn their loyalty. The next time they have a need that your company can fill, they’ll call you first. This is because you’ve shown them respect by having a bilingual answering service that can effectively communicate with them.

Increase Sales:

As you improve customer relations and earn customer loyalty, the inevitable result is an increase in sales. The truth is, people do business with companies they like, and they like companies they can effectively communicate with. This is what happens when you have a bilingual answering service handling your calls.

Improve Profits:

With increased sales, comes increased profits. That’s why you’re in business: to make a profit. Having an answering service with bilingual agents can help you in the profit department, because they’ll help you close more sales, and more sales trickle down to the bottom line.


A bilingual answering service can enhance your customer relations, earn increased customer loyalty, and improve sales. As a result, you will realize increased profits, which is why you do what you do in the first place.

There’s no downside to having bilingual agents available, but there is an upside—several. Many positive outcomes result from having an answering service with bilingual agents. Don’t overlook the potential that a bilingual answering service offers.

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