Why Endicott Is The Right Virtual Receptionist For You

Why Endicott Is The Right Virtual Receptionist For You


Do you have an in-house call center or receptionist but are also experiencing issues with your inbound business communications? If you do, you might need to review your workload to make sure your staff is not overwhelmed. This is because keeping watch of the emails, phone calls, web chats, and others can be too much for your response staff. If you wish to make things easier, Endicott is here to help. Our world-class virtual receptionist services are at the disposal of any business with call overflow, after hours answering, or appointment scheduling.

We provide business communication services 24/7 so the loyal and prospective customers can access your business at any time.

So, why get a virtual receptionist? Endicott is always working to make the experiences of each customer special while prioritizing your business needs.

Benefits of hiring Endicott as your business communication specialist


Almost all companies traditionally used staff like a receptionist to deal with the inbound business communication needs as well as run its call center in-house. This receptionist, however, will need to rest. This means that he or she will not be available 24/7. So, who is going to pick up the incoming calls from your esteemed clients? If this has been your dilemma, you could outsource Endicott for small business answering service!

We provide world-class business communication services by ensuring your phone is answered each time there is an incoming call. You will be resting in your home but your business will still be in operation.

To Save on Operation Cost

Businesses used to hire a receptionist to answer calls as a way of maintaining communication between them and the clients. While this went on for years, businesses were spending too much on receptionists. This is because receptionists need paid leave, sick offs, benefits, bonuses, insurance payments, and to top it all, a respectable salary.

Getting another business to conduct your business communications, therefore, is a great way to save. Moreover, the firm will provide excellent small business answering services, and you will be paying just a fraction of what you previously spent on the staff, facilities they use, and infrastructure. Endicott will manage all the affairs of your call center by monitoring the software, servers, and telephony in your company. It is imperative to note that such call center sections need monitoring 24/7 for efficient business operation. Our services are all professional as we aim to improve your business operations while saving on production cost and maximizing profits.

Endicott will be on standby 24/7, which means that you will be leaving your business in safe hands. We will transform your operations by improving your accessibility by the customer. Creating an active link between your business and customers is our goal. We will help you make more business deals or simply improve your business communications sector.

It will Minimize Call Abandonment

With a receptionist, the phone will be unattended when he/she is in the restroom, on a break, on leave/off, or at home before or after office hours. If a potential customer calls with an inquiry during these personal hours, what are the chances that they will call back? The receptionist will then have to spend valuable time returning the call, something that might later prove costly and unfruitful.

With our small business answering service, however, we will ensure that someone is attending to your phone 24/7/365! Endicott is a leading professional in the business communication industry.

It will Enhance Customer Satisfaction

It will Enhance Customer Satisfaction

When you have a receptionist, you will be dealing with limited availability that might affect how well your customers’ needs are met. What’s more, a receptionist may lack all the necessary customer service skills. Outsourcing call answering services from a virtual receptionist will go a long way in making your business available and easily accessible to your clients. Whether the number of incoming calls is high or the clients call at “odd hours”, Endicott will be there to answer each and every one of them. We can handle any business communication situation while making the experience of your clients memorable. Endicott will also be professional on each call regardless of how rude the client is. Keeping your customers happy after every phone call is the profession of our choice.

Endicott will reduce the prolonged wait time experienced by customers as they make calls to your business. This is because we have the capability to attend to a high volume of inbound calls effectively. Our answering service operators have experience in handling high-stress situations. The operators have excellent training, which means that they will handle each client uniquely. Even if the customer calling is moody, a call with Endicott will leave him/her happier and satisfied. Our operators aim is always making you sound professional to your clients.

It will Make your Business Sound Professional

For startups, having a call answering virtual receptionist will help in making it sound more established. It is imperative to note that some customers are only comfortable when doing business with fully established companies since their reputation and operation is more stable.

Endicott will give your callers a menu of options so they can reach a specific department. This way, even if you only have 2 employees, your client will think that your firm is large.

You will be Able to Customize the Call Answering Service

Endicott can instantly customize the experience of your customers while also satisfying your own needs. For instance, you can have your main greetings to the clients include a recording of you talking about your milestones. This updates regularly to keep the clients in the know. If you wish, Endicott can set up an urgent menu option so your customers are able to reach your number directly even in the after-hours.

You Get to Spend your Time on Important Business Matters

We are sure that your employees have better things to do than pick up calls all day. Endicott will attend to all incoming calls while only connecting the important clients directly to you. We can even have information mailboxes set up to address the frequently asked questions. This frees up much of the time that was otherwise used for inquiries.

Make Remote Working Super Effective

If you have a team of remote workers, having a virtual receptionist will improve your working efficiency because you can readily make group calls. This should save the time and cost of making personal telecommunications. Endicott will not locate where each staff member is. Rather, we will only route the calls to the desired department or to another employee to improve communication efficiency regardless of where you are.