Why Use A 24/7 Phone Answering Service?

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Discover the Advantages of Around-the-Clock Telephone Answering Service Outsourcing

Most business managers know that answering services can handle their after-hours calls to take messages and dispatch urgent customer concerns. However, leading answering services can also handle calls during office hours. This has many advantages and when combined, the result is 24/7 answering service outsourcing.

Here are the key benefits when you outsource your business’s telephone for both after hour’s and office hour’s phone calls.

Uninterrupted Telephone Coverage: The most apparent outcome is continuous, uninterrupted support for your telephone calls. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, weekday or weekend, or even a holiday. Your answering service will answer your phone calls all the time, every time.

Increased Staff Focus: When you have an answering service take your phone calls when your office is open, this frees up your employees to attend to the work they’re supposed to do and the needs of the visitors in your office. Without having to handle the ringing telephone or deal with its distraction, your staff can focus on their primary

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job. This helps them get their work done, and to do it better and faster.

Consistent Phone Interactions: When you use an advanced answering service to handle all your phone calls around-the-clock, you provide consistency to your callers. Your answering service will answer every call quickly and handle it professionally. They’ll follow the same protocol every time. Your callers will learn what to expect, and they’ll receive exactly what they expect every time. Consistency is key, and an advanced answering service can provide it.

Professional Communication: Advanced answering services specialize in what they do. They understand the importance of personal and professional communication. They’re trained to offer it, coached to provide it, and encouraged to deliver it on every phone call they handle, day or night.

Conclusion: Today’s leading answering services do more than just handle after-hours calls. A growing trend is to outsource calls to a professional telephone answering service 24/7. When you do, you’ll reap many benefits and achieve some amazing outcomes. Your callers will thank you, and your staff will thank you, too.


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