3 Problems Solved By Hiring An Answering Service

3 Problems You Can Solve With a Contractor Answering Service


You may have never considered hiring a contractor answering service. But partnering with an answering service can be the perfect solution to many problems your construction business might face! If you have your doubts, here are three common problems for contractors that can be fixed by having an answering service.


Problem 1: Customer EmergenciesProblem 1: Customer Emergencies

Just because you’re closed doesn’t mean that your customers stop needing your services. Obviously, customer emergencies will happen whether or not you have an answering service. However, if you don’t have a contractor answering service, you may not be able to deal with those emergencies right away. If your customer can’t get a hold of you in the middle of the night and is forced to wait until the morning when you open, their need for an emergency repair may intensify to a more drastic, expensive damage.

A contractor answering service is an inexpensive, convenient link between you and your customers. Even if you can’t attend to the emergency immediately, with a California call center, your customers will be able to schedule an appointment with you immediately. They’ll spend less time feeling anxious because they know that you’ll be there soon to help them out.

An answering service also ensures that your inexperienced customer doesn’t try to perform an emergency repair on their own, which could also make the repair worse or even injure the homeowner.

Without an answering service, you could risk losing business to another contractor who can boast greater availability. Many contractors also won’t give their customers the option of contacting them 24/7. An answering service will make you different. And if people know that you have an answering service, whenever an emergency need for a contractor arises, you will be their first call! You won’t have to worry about them calling other contractors trying to find one who is open in the middle of the night.


Problem 2: Divided Focus

As a contractor, your business centers around two key tasks: performing construction work and communicating with your customers. Although you need both to run a successful business, doing both at the same time is never a good idea. An answering service helps you focus more when you’re on a job site.

It’s never a good idea to split your focus. Something will always suffer. When you hire a call center like Endicott, you won’t ever have to choose if you should focus on performing construction work or on taking a customer’s call. Endicott will worry about your calls so you can put all of your attention into the job site. Both the customers who are on the phone and the ones whose house you’re working on will feel valued and taken care of.

If you’re not able to take calls from your customers, you won’t have a lot of customers. But if you’re spending all your time on the phone, you won’t be able to actually complete the construction work they are asking for.

With a contractor answering service, you never have to sacrifice on either one of these parts of your business. An answering service is a cheaper alternative to paying for a full-time employee (or several employees) like a receptionist to answer your phones, but their work will be just as effective. An answering service helps build up your business and strengthen the relationships you have with your customers.


Problem 3: Poor Customer CommunicationProblem 3: Poor Customer Communication

You probably didn’t become a contractor because you’re passionate about communication—you became a contractor because you’re passionate about construction! You’re constantly “on the go” at different job sites. You’re great at analyzing problems and implementing solutions, but you may not necessarily have the best people skills. And that’s okay. Everyone has different skillsets.

A contractor answering service gives you an inexpensive option to improve your businesses’ communications. And when you have better communication with your customers, your business will increase!

As an extra bonus, Endicott’s call centers have bilingual call representatives. This means that by using our services, you’ll be able to appeal to a whole new group of people. This will result in more satisfied customers and more business for you.

Endicott is a reliable professional answering service that can become the ultimate asset to your contracting business. Call us today if you want to start an invaluable partnership. Our California call center would love to work with you!