7 Signs You May Need To Hire An Answering Service

7 Signs It’s Time to Partner with an Answering Service


Whether you own a retail business or provide a professional service, communicating with customers over the phone is an important part of business. But there’s an easier, more effective way to communicate with your customers: a partnership with an answering service. Are you not sure if partnering with answering service is right for you? Here are 7 signs that it’s the right time for you to start working with an answering service.


Your voicemail is full

Is first thing you do every morning listen to numerous voicemails that were left overnight? With an answering service, you’ll eliminate this responsibility. Which means you have more time to spend on other important parts of your business. More importantly, those customers won’t have leave those voicemails anymore. They can schedule their appointments or place their orders to your business right away. They won’t have to wait.

Don’t forget that your voicemail messages won’t include everyone that tried to call your business while you were closed. There will be plenty of people who tried to call but didn’t leave messages. Instead they will probably turn to either a business that’s open, or at least one that has 24/7 call representatives. By having an answering service, your customers will be able to get through to you every time.


Your inbox is full

Your inbox is full

Just like with voicemail, if you’re finding that your inbox quickly fills up with customer questions and concerns, it’s time to hire 24/7 call representatives. A full inbox lets you know that a lot of your customers need more information than what’s available to them before they make a purchase or an appointment. And talking to an answering service is much easier than sending a long email.


You never get a break

As a business owner, you already invest so many hours into running your business. Do you find that you just don’t have enough time to fulfill all of your responsibilities well? It’s time to hire an answering service. You need time for yourself to relax and recharge—and you need time to do basic things like eat and sleep. Let an experienced call center handle your calls so you can have a break.


Your competition has 24/7 call representatives

You need to be able to compete with other businesses in the area who might offer 24/7 support to their customers. Potential customers won’t look at your business twice if they know they can get better customer service and support from your competition. With Endicott, you get the support of professional call representatives at an affordable rate.


Your competition doesn’t have 24/7 call representatives

If your competition doesn’t offer a 24/7 support to their customers, you’ll reap excellent benefits from an answering service! By giving around-the-clock support to your customers, people will be more likely to choose your business. They’ll choose to do business with you because you value and respect them more and can provide them with prompter service.

You get a lot of calls at the same time

You get a lot of calls at the same time

If it’s common for you to get many phone calls at the same time, you should be using an answering service. You can’t afford to miss out on speaking with a customer and getting their business simply because you’re on the other line with a different customer. If your customers are used to getting a busy signal when they call your business, they’ll probably be frustrated by the time they get through to you, if they don’t choose to hang up and call your competition. By using Endicott’s 24/7 call representatives you will always have someone on the line, taking on all the overflow customers.


You’ve gone global

Your regular hours might be convenient for you and your local customers, but how do they work for those in other time zones? Do you offer services around the world? Do you want to launch your business internationally? You should use an answering service. During your operating hours, a large number of potential customers will be sleeping. Without an answering service, you’ll completely miss out on their business.

An answering service like Endicott allows you to reach people all over the world, even when your business is closed and all of your employees are at home. Endicott even has bilingual call representatives so they can effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking customers.


If you’ve decided that partnering with a call center is right for you, Endicott is the best choice.