Healthcare Provider Required Answering Service for Call Screening and Patient Information Intake


Large hospital and healthcare system has dozens of locations across the US. With so many different hospitals, specialty, and primary care offices, the hospital system needed a 24/7 answering service to take messages, triage, and dispatch information according to specific caller requests.

Search for a Solution

The hospital and healthcare system reached out to Endicott for its call answering services. Endicott can also provide more specialized services, including triage, dispatch, hospital admissions, and prescription and pharmacy.

The hospital and healthcare system requires a holistic answering service due to its many branches and segments. While each of the segments cannot remain open 24/7, an answering service can.


Endicott works 24/7 to answer calls for the hospital and healthcare system. The answering service includes taking messages and getting those messages to the proper department.

Beyond that, Endicott agents take admission requests and work to ensure patients are properly admitted. Agents triage and dispatch according to specific requests.

The client has dozens of segments beyond its hospital, including primary care offices and specialty offices. Endicott filters calls through each specialty to ensure the correct provider is involved with each patient call.

Results and Benefits

The hospital and healthcare system does not have to keep every branch and segment open 24/7 for patients’ calls to be taken 24/7. Endicott agents work 24/7 to take patient calls, as well as calls from pharmacies, funeral homes, and other interested parties.

Endicott can also handle patient prescription needs by capturing prescription information and sending it directly to a specialty pharmacy without requiring a middleman. Patients, providers, and pharmacies have quicker access to prescriptions.

Endicott can contact floor nurses and on-call medical staff at hospitals and care offices to ensure patient admissions run smoothly. With Endicott’s answering services, the hospital and healthcare system can provide professional and tailored care efficiently and effectively.