How Endicott Can Support Organizations & Small Businesses

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Endicott Call Centers is the perfect partner to help support your organization or small business. Endicott has decades of experience in the call center business and has a proven track record of providing high-quality service to a wide range of industries. We utilize the latest in call center technology and strategy, and our trained agents are dedicated to helping you grow your business and provide fantastic customer service.

Endicott has a wide variety of services to fit your needs and allows you to build a plan that suits your company’s specific style. Whether you are looking for backup or disaster services, daily operation services, or sales and customer research, Endicott is your choice.

Available Endicott Services

At Endicott, we have a variety of services available. Each service has its advantages and addresses different needs. Some of our most popular options include:

24/7 Live Answering Service- Our operators are available to take calls all day – every day, including holidays. We can handle scheduling, routine calls, and emergency assistance. Our agents are also trained to document every call in detail, so you always know what is going on with your customers.

Afterhours Answering Service- When calls come in after business hours, it could be an emergency. Our operators take the call and make sure your customers get the help they need. This includes weekends and holidays. If it is not an emergency, we can log the call and make sure you get the information the next business day.

Overflow Services- Even if your business has multiple staff taking calls, there may be times when there are too many calls coming in at once. Endicott can take overflow calls to make sure no call goes unanswered. Your customers will never know they are not talking to your office directly.

Bilingual and Translation Services- Endicott offers bilingual services mainly Spanish and English translations.

Medical Answering Services- Endicott offers full-spectrum medical answering services. Our agents are trained and certified in HIPAA guidelines and specialize in dealing with medical clients. They can take calls, schedule appointments, and many other tasks as needed.

Virtual Receptionist- A virtual receptionist receives all incoming calls to your business and determines how to route the call to get the caller to the person they need to talk with. They can also answer questions, schedule appointments, or any other task. This reduces the workload on your office staff and allows them to focus on their primary duties.

Disaster Services- When a disaster strikes or a technical outage causes your office not to be able to field calls, Endicott can step in to make sure your services go uninterrupted. Many things can compromise your primary contact center such as software problems, server failure, network outage, power outages, an inaccessible facility, cable issues, or even an unprecedented high call volume. Be ready with our Disaster Service.

Live Chat Services- Live chat is a great way to provide your customers with the information they are looking for immediately. Our agents can provide the necessary information, answer questions, schedule appointments, and many other tasks straight from a live chat. This service is popular with clients who have an active website.

There are also many other services offered, such as:

  • Customer Care & Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction and Research
  • Direct Response
  • Help Desk Services
  • Hotlines
  • Fulfillment / Order Taking

We Evolve With You

As your business grows, your needs change. Whether this is simply an increase in call volume or needing additional services, Endicott is here to grow with you. We have multiple call centers and a large workforce of trained operators that can scale to fit any volume of calls regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or ongoing situations. All of our call centers are also US-based, so none of your calls are transferred internationally.

Additionally, you will also have full access to call management and tracking tools that enable you to monitor and evaluate our performance regularly and help you manage your business effectively

We Know Small Business

Endicott knows small business because our clients are small businesses. While you may think the majority of our call centers handle calls from large corporations, it is small companies that utilize our centers and our experience to help them manage more efficiently. Some of our past and current clients include:

  • HVAC and plumbing maintenance companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Veterinarians
  • Property management companies
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • IT businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Law firms
  • Financial businesses
  • Direct sales companies

When one of our agents takes a call from your business, they are not representing Endicott; they are representing your company. This means that your customers will never know they are talking to a call center rather than one of your employees. As part of the on-boarding process, you will customize the scripts that are used to handle your calls, giving you full control over how your customers are greeted and how the calls are formatted.

Endicott combines our knowledge of small business and our decades of experience to ensure that you have the support and options that you need. This not only includes current needs but also your needs in the future.

How Endicott Can Help

Endicott Call Centers is a national call center with omnichannel services. We are fully equipped to help you with your business and any special circumstances.

Request a quote or call 800-947-3227 to learn more about our solutions for creating exceptional customer service experiences for your clients. And, we’re happy to offer our insight into what your patients and employees seek from your company.