HVAC Company Needed Answering Service to Screen All Customer Calls After Business Hours


The HVAC company receives many calls from customers during business hours and after business hours. Customer calls can be emergencies or non-emergency calls. The company cannot remain open 24/7 but needs to ensure that no customer call is missed even when the call comes after business hours.

Search for a Solution

The company reached out to Endicott to handle customer calls and screen for emergencies. The HVAC company has heating, air conditioning, and plumbing customers that could need immediate attention at any time.

Additionally, calls can come from potential sales leads.


Endicott takes all emergency and non-emergency calls for the HVAC company 24/7. Endicott has done so since 2009.

During business hours, Endicott faxes non-emergency messages to the office in real-time. Emergency calls require Endicott to reach the company’s owner unless otherwise directed.

After business hours, Endicott holds non-emergency messages and faxes them at 7:30 a.m. Endicott also sends an automatic recap of messages daily at 7:30 a.m. When Endicott takes emergency calls after hours, the company reaches out to the owner of the HVAC company immediately unless otherwise directed.

Results and Benefits

Using Endicott’s answering service, the HVAC company ensures that no customer call goes unanswered. The company can return non-emergency calls the next business day and emergency calls can be returned immediately per the owner’s discretion.

The HVAC company never misses a call, resulting in satisfied customers and the potential for more sales leads.