HVAC Company Required Answering Service to take Incoming Calls for Service and Maintenance Requests


Residential and commercial HVAC company needed a contact center to field incoming calls for service and maintenance requests.

HVAC company was getting too many non-emergency calls taking time away from important tasks.

Search for a Solution

HVAC company sought out a third-party company to handle non-emergency calls from residential and commercial clients.

The company needed to outsource incoming calls 24/7 to screen emergencies from non-emergencies.


Endicott takes incoming residential and commercial HVAC service and maintenance requests.

Endicott can screen whether clippers have emergency or non-emergency requests and whether callers have maintenance agreements.

Results and Benefits

The HVAC company can save time by leaving non-emergency service calls and maintenance requests to Endicott.

Additionally, Endicott can contact an on-call screener in the case of an emergency, such as no heat, no cooling, water leaks, gas leaks, and oil leaks.

The company still receives revenue for those calls. Endicott is available to take these calls 24/7.