Ideal Uses for a Virtual Receptionist

Ideal Uses for a Virtual Receptionist



If Your Business Has a Telephone, You Can Benefit from a Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist is someone who answers your phone from a remote location. Though they are virtually present, they are fully functional when it comes to handling your telephone communications. When you hire one from a professional telephone answering service, you free up your staff to attend to other important matters, while ensuring your callers receive prompt, professional attention.

Any company that has a telephone has a receptionist. And any company with a receptionist is a great candidate to replace their costly in-house phone staff with a cost-effective virtual receptionist.

Given that, here are some areas where hiring this is an ideal fit.

Healthcare Providers:

Healthcare Providers

The demand for healthcare services is booming—and so is the competition among healthcare service providers. An unanswered phone call represents more than a missed opportunity. It could be an appointment that never happens, or a new patient you don’t get. With the lifetime value of a person’s healthcare needs riding on every phone call, you can’t afford to miss one. That’s where a virtual receptionist comes in. Let them take these critical phone calls for you. As a bonus, your virtual receptionist can take appointments for you 24/7 and even interface with your on-call nurse service. What’s not to love about that?



An important subset of healthcare is dentistry. Aside from communication about their six-month checkups, patients call dental offices when they have a need—usually an urgent concern or pain. A virtual receptionist can take these calls and schedule an appointment. And they can do this 24/7. Dental emergencies can happen anytime of the day or night. Make sure you have a virtual receptionist ready to take their call when these emergencies occur.


Another business opportunity that’s a good candidate for using a virtual receptionist is law offices. From single attorney offices, to midsize practices, to large law firms, the telephone is a critical source of essential business communications—and new business. Each phone call represents billable hours, and you can’t leave that phone call to chance, an answering machine, or voicemail. By using a virtual receptionist, you will have a real person interact with your callers whatever time of the day or night they call.

Real Estate:

Another key area that’s ideal for a virtual receptionist is real estate. If you’re in your office answering your phone, you’re not out doing things that earn money. Yet when you’re out showing houses and closing sales, you’re not in the office answering your phone. The solution is simple, hire a virtual receptionist to handle your real estate phone calls, 24/7. This frees you up to leave the office for showings, for open houses, and to work with clients, without ignoring your telephone.


Virtual receptionist service from a professional answering service can answer phone calls for any company that has a telephone. This is especially ideal for healthcare service providers, dental offices, law offices, and real estate firms. A virtual receptionist is also ideal for any other business or entrepreneur who feels it’s important to serve customers with excellence and gain new business.


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