What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do for You?

What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do for You?



Discover a Smart Way to Have Your Phone Answered Without a Lot of Hassle or Expense With a Virtual Receptionist

A virtual assistant is someone who provides support services without working in your office. Similarly, a virtual receptionist is someone who answers your phone from another location. Using this process from a professional telephone answering service can provide many benefits.

Here are some of the key results a virtual receptionist can accomplish.

Take Messages:

Just like an expensive, in-house receptionist on your payroll, your cost-effective receptionist can take messages from your callers. They can then send those messages to the proper individual or department using whatever method they prefer. This could be a text message, an email, or voicemail, whatever is most convenient for that person.

Transfer Calls:

Transfer Calls

In addition to taking messages from callers, your receptionist can also transfer callers to the correct person or department. This allows urgent calls and VIP callers to be put through immediately, while taking messages from nonurgent callers about routine matters.

Answer Questions and Information Requests:

Your virtual receptionist can also answer callers’ questions. Think of the FAQ section on your website and build on it. Then provide your receptionist with answers to these commonly asked questions, along with resources to look up information, and they’ll take it from there.

Your virtual receptionist can also process information requests, such as “please send me your catalog” or “remove me from your mailing list.”

Offer Customer Service:

Offer Customer Service

Beyond responding to commonly asked questions is providing customer support to callers. Although it’s not practical to expect a virtual receptionist to provide in-depth customer service assistance, they can certainly cover the basics. This has two benefits. First, your customers get help fast. Second, for each person your virtual receptionist helps, that’s one less person your customer service department must handle. This lets them focus their expertise on more involved situations.

Schedule Appointments and Set Meetings:

Does your company schedule appointments? Do you set meetings for sales and customer service staff? Though many customers and prospects won’t need a virtual receptionist to make these arrangements, some people will insist on talking with a real person. Just give your virtual receptionist secure access to your scheduling program, and they’ll do the rest.


For all the receptionist can do, you’ll be surprised at how cost-effective their services are. A virtual receptionist costs only a small fraction of what it would cost to hire someone to answer your phone. As a bonus your virtual receptionists are available around-the-clock, 24/7. Compare this to one full-time receptionist who only works forty hours a week.

This means with a virtual receptionist you get much more coverage at a much lower price.


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