Boosting an enterprise takes hard work and dedication. It starts by helping customers feel valued, while also creating a sense of loyalty that inclines them to return for products or services. There are ways to maximize engagement and streamline communication channels to allow for smoother transactions. Whether it’s web chat, email or talk via phone, customers are looking for reliable support that is also convenient for them. A great way to reinforce a brand is by outsourcing with a customer service call center.  

In today’s world, online shopping has become a staple across the board when it comes to retail in all forms. Customers can find many options with the slight tap of their finger, which is why companies in this industry must do everything in their power to capitalize on every interaction with viable shoppers. By creating a positive experience for customers, the likelihood of increased profitability and higher overall retention goes up. For a Retail or E-Commerce brand to be successful, customer service should be placed at the very top of its priority list. 

Purchase Decision-Making: The Driving Factors

There are three main driving factors that influence purchase decisions. These include customer retention, customer satisfaction and product upsells. These aspects are pivotal in determining success in the Retail and  E-Commerce industries. Let’s take a deeper look at each:

  • Cross-Sell & Upsell opportunities: Retail customer service agents are trained in depth to understand products. They use this thorough knowledge to then use it as an opportunity to upsell or secure cross-sells, in turn, increasing the average order size. In some circumstances, these professional representatives may deescalate order issues while obtaining important feedback that can be assessed and considered for future customer interactions. 
  • Customer Retention & Satisfaction: Every single engagement with a customer is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship that is seen in numbers. Multi-channel communication allows businesses to interconnect with customers 24/7 in various ways. On part of this, sales can be captured instantly as customers inquire with a business. Having live agents that are ready to answer questions about products or lend a helping hand with the order process is undoubtedly leg up in any industry. 

Retail and E-Commerce call center services also include reengagement campaigns that incentivize stagnant and less active customers to return for business. This is done by conducting follow-up surveys that question customers on their overall experiences. Brands are then able to take these responses and consider both the positive and negative explanations to improve its approach. 

Way Customer Service Agents Can Help

Bolstering customer relationship management is crucial in securing sales and ensuring repeat business. The ongoing goal is to continually generate more sales. Satisfied customers make more purchases. These same satisfied customers are also more likely to refer the business to others. By outsourcing retail customer service to professionally trained call center agents, reliable and responsive support is guaranteed. Having readily available assistance can oftentimes be the tipping point in securing lifelong customers. 

The right call center will have specialized retail and E-Commerce customer service agents who can lead the charge in customer assistance. These representatives will:

  • Promptly answer questions about order details, shipping status or retailer locations
  • Offer scalable services that immediately adjust based on unexpected or seasonal call volumes.
  • Answer questions from concerned consumers while documenting interactions for compliant reporting
  • Provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support to de-escalate customer frustrations with technology glitches
  • Recall notifications to customers and supply chain vendors

Delivering affirmative services is crucial, that’s why reinforcing Retail and E-Commerce brands with proper and up-to-date customer service tools is the differentiator between a successful and unsuccessful business.

About Endicott Call Centers

Endicott Call Centers is a national call center company with omni-channel services. We are fully equipped to help you with your business and with any particular circumstances. We draw on decades of experience to help you make the right decisions for your business. 

Endicott offers full-service virtual receptionists and a wide variety of other services to help you run your business more efficiently. With Endicott, you have access to:

  • Highly-trained, professional Agents & Receptionists
  • Customized scripts
  • Live agents 24 hours a day
  • 100% US-based locations
  • English & Spanish Speaking Agents
  • HIPAA-compliant For Medical Support
  • 24/7 Solutions for Dentists, Legal offices, eCommerce, and many other industries

Full access to call management and tracking tools that enable you to regularly monitor and evaluate our performance and help you manage your business effectively

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