9 Reasons to Partner With Bilingual Call Centers


Regardless of your company’s industry, you can probably benefit from expanding your customer service to include bilingual capabilities. We live in a multicultural society where not everyone speaks the same language. Fortunately, it’s probably easier than you think these days to hire bilingual call centers for your company.

Bilingual staff members are increasingly easy to find these days. You can also take advantage of outsourced call center services to offer services in many languages at an affordable cost. 

Here are nine reasons to partner with a bilingual call center.

Reaching more customers

With a bilingual call center, you can open up your service offerings to more potential customers. You cannot reach all prospective customers if you only offer call center service in one language. There will be customers who cannot successfully carry out a call in your offered language. This will cut you off from many demographics and bite into your sales. You’ll have a much wider pool of target customers if you can reach people in other languages. Conduct analysis and figure out what languages you can offer to maximize the exposure of your company.

Showing your company’s dedication to customers

Even bilingual customers who can do business in the language you’re offering might appreciate you putting effort into offering call center services in their native language. Anything you can do that your customers appreciate will make those customers more loyal and more inclined to come back to you in the future for repeat business.

Offering greater personalization in customer service

We live in the age of personalization. Customers ‌expect a personalized experience that caters to their unique needs. Offering bilingual call center services leads to more personalized service. Customers who speak other languages will feel that you’re reaching out to them specifically and attempting to accommodate them.

Boosting your conversion rates

It’s never easy for representatives to land a sale when they’re working with customers who don’t understand the language. Representatives who can communicate with prospects in their language will be more likely to land a sale. Therefore, offering bilingual call center capabilities can improve your conversion rates and make it so that you’re not wasting prospects because your representatives are having trouble communicating effectively with them.

Embracing diversity

Offering bilingual services shows that your company embraces diversity. Most times, this can be great for your company’s image and public relations. Showing awareness by offering bilingual call centers can go a long way in presenting the best possible impression of your company. Your company will appear modern, accommodating, flexible, open, and appealing to individuals from various cultures. 

Calculating the real value of bilingual call centers

If you want to calculate the value of bilingual call center capabilities for your company, consider the abovementioned advantages.

It’s hard to come to an accurate figure for predicting what the value will be for your company. However, analyzing some of your sales data could come in handy. Have sales representatives note when callers struggle with language issues and the native languages of those individuals? You can also have representatives analyze calls and track instances where sales were unsuccessful because of language problems.

Perhaps some of the most significant providers of bilingual call center values are more difficult to calculate. How bilingual services raise your company’s general appeal is a less tangible value, but it could add the most to your company’s success.

It’s important to remember that call centers are not just about signing on new customers and making initial sales. Call centers are crucial for offering technical support over time and addressing customer concerns.

Not offering bilingual capabilities with your call center can negatively impact you. Representatives need to take more time to explain things or gather information from a customer who is having trouble understanding. In this situation, bilingual call center staff can handle specific calls more efficiently and get on to the next one. In the long run, this will save you money on labor costs and allow you to optimize your labor resources. 

Ways you can provide bilingual service

You have two options for providing bilingual customer service via your call centers. One option would be to hire bilingual representatives who can take calls at your call center. The other option is to outsource your call center needs to a company that can offer bilingual representatives. There are several advantages to these two options.

Having your bilingual representatives

You could offer bilingual capabilities by hiring call center staff members who can provide service in at least one additional language. The significant advantage of this solution is that your representatives might offer more familiarity with your company and products than those working for a third party. However, you will then need to go through the trouble of tracking down bilingual candidates and evaluating their language skills in a language you may not be familiar with.

Outsourcing bilingual call centers capabilities

Adding bilingual capabilities to your services is easy when you outsource your call center tasks. This way, you don’t have to worry about hiring staff with bilingual language skills. This allows them to effectively provide needed information and services regarding your company while working in an outsourced situation.

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