A Customer Service Necessity in 2021 is Bilingual Support



It is no longer enough to offer only English support to your call center customers. In the modern age, more and more Spanish-speaking people are your customer base. They deserve to have uninhibited support when they place a call to a call center. 

While English is still spoken most frequently in the US, Spanish is the second most spoken language by a large margin. It is important to have bilingual support at your call center to ensure that calls coming in can be handled efficiently and effectively. 

Bilingual Support Can Increase Your Customer Base

When you add bilingual agents to your call center staff, you are creating more opportunities for customer loyalty. If customers know they can call your call center and receive tailored support in their own native language, they are more likely to stick with your business.

  • A bilingual call center can successfully field more calls. 
  • Specific customer questions can be answered with ease. 
  • Calls can remain quick and to the point without a language barrier.

Bilingual support will be good for your customers and your business alike. Great customer service builds a large customer base. Bilingual customer support is a must-have to achieve the best level of customer service in today’s global world. 

Satisfied customers will likely tell others about their good experiences. Through that organic, word-of-mouth advertising, your business can grow and thrive as more foreign-language customers take notice of your business. 

Your Business Can Grow in Foreign Markets

If your call center can only support English-speaking calls, it is safe to say that your business can only thrive in English-speaking markets. However, bilingual support can help you expand your company’s reach into other foreign-language speaking areas. With bilingual agents on staff, you will have the chance to open up communication with non-English customers. Your sales opportunities will flourish.

  • There are communities within the US where English is not regularly spoken. If you can communicate with people in these communities, you can establish a relationship and potential sales opportunities. 
  • You may find that other countries are interested in your services. If your company provides international support, bilingual agents are essential.

Bilingual support will give you an advantage over the competition. Many of these communities have thriving businesses that could benefit from a call center. However, it is likely that no support in their language has been offered. Your call center can fill a much-needed role while gaining on competitors. 

Most Customers Still Prefer Voice Calls

Translation software can fill some needs for foreign-language emails that come into your call center, but the majority of customers still want to speak to a representative over the phone. There is no better way to communicate than through bilingual agents who can offer personalized support to these callers. 

Translation software and applications often get it wrong. Additionally, they add time to each call or interaction and can create uncomfortable and awkward moments for both your agents and your customers. Fluent agents are the key to ensuring calls go smoothly. 

It Is Becoming Easier to Hire Bilingual Agents

The number of bilingual people in the US is growing rapidly. When hiring bilingual agents for your call center, you will notice that this job requirement is not difficult to fill. Many businesses are beginning to require bilingual support, so you will have to ensure you are meeting that demand in order to stay competitive. 

  • In the US, over 43 million people speak Spanish as their native language. 
  • This number equates to nearly 13 percent of the total US population. 
  • This number is constantly increasing. 

In order to keep up with those statistics, your call center must provide support to those who speak Spanish. 

Many people in the job market were raised bilingual. Other people who grew up speaking English learn a second language during their education. Your company has options for finding bilingual agents, especially since this is a trait necessary for growth in the coming years.

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