How Call Centers and AI Work Hand in Hand



In today’s age, call centers operate using modern technology to successfully keep up with customer needs. Artificial intelligence is everywhere in customers’ daily lives — from cell phones to grocery store checkouts. It is no surprise that AI is also present in the day-to-day operations of call centers. 

AI aids call center operations on both the front and back end to produce the most efficient results. In the far future, call centers might be fully operated by artificial intelligence. However, until that day comes, call centers agents and AI will continue working hand in hand to create suitable call center solutions for businesses and customers alike.

AI Improves the Human Side of Call Centers

Call centers need good people working to provide effective answers. AI is not designed to replace the human component of call centers. Instead, AI improves the human element by allowing human agents to operate more efficiently. 

  • Call centers still focus on agent interactions with customers. 
  • Customers and clients who call in often prefer to speak to human agents. 
  • Certain inquiries require human responses due to difficulty and nuance.

AI works to aid call center agents in better serving customer needs. In the past, agents would have to sift through data to find the right piece of information. Today, AI uses computerized technology to pull customer material from different databases in an instant.

In fact, AI can listen in on customer calls and gauge customer needs based on the words spoken. During the call, the AI will use those linguistic cues to formulate a plan the agent can then use to create a personalized solution for their specific customer. 

AI Gives Customers Options for Assistance

Before AI was implemented into the customer service industry, callers had to rely solely on human agents to assist them with their needs. This meant that long wait times, wrong answers, and multiple calls were the norm. Now that call centers work closely with AI, many of these inconveniences can be avoided. 

For example, a customer can typically make changes to their account, check on the status of their orders, and handle other simple account measures through virtual AI assistance. Customers do not have to wait on hold for a human agent, which saves them time. 

Additionally, customers also have many options to reach an AI for virtual assistance:

  • Over the phone
  • SMS text messages
  • Online chat boxes

Customers become frustrated when they have to call and speak to someone over every little logistical issue. In the modern age, almost everything can be done online through an AI self-service bot. Changing payment information and shipping details should be no different. 

With all of the options above, customers can get quick answers and make changes without running into the inconveniences of old. And, as always, human agents are available for the more particular issues that require human reasoning.  

AI Can Provide Real-Time Feedback

Since AI can record and respond to customer calls in real-time — even those where a human agent is present — feedback is prompt and reliable. AI offers analytics based on call performance and customer satisfaction. Therefore, agents can improve fulfillment scores and call times immediately, based on the data AI provides. 

Just like AI can parse words to triangulate a customer’s location and specific needs, AI can also register customer tone and pitch to indicate angry or frustrated customers. Call centers can use this technology to allow a supervisor to step in or offer a temporary solution to bring the customer peace in the meantime, preventing further disruption and maintaining customer loyalty. 

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