What To Know Before Outsourcing Your Medical Answering Service

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Ansafone February 12


Your medical answering service is a vital part of your practice and should meet the necessary criteria to be a cetnral part of your organization. Medical facilities are always a beehive of activity, centered on the care and wellness of the patients. And while physicians and nurses are the most proactive of all personnel within the facility, no one can deny that answering phone calls is important. Prompt call-answering should be a top-priority, because most of the callers are patients probably in need of emergency services.

Simply staffing the phone in such a busy medical facility can be a daunting task given the urgency of taking calls, meeting patient’s needs and the courtesy required to maintain professionalism while very busy. On the contrary, a professional customer service outsourcing company is well-trained in handling all that’s required in such a busy environment. From accessing the main doctors’ calendars and scheduling appointments to verifying the caller’s payment details before an appointment is made, everything must be professional.

How Professional Customer Service Call Centers Work

Despite being independent service providers working on behalf of the health institution, private medical answering servicecompanies are representing the organization by answering phone calls and responding to customer-care emails. They work in the name of the organization and ensure that all messages reach the staff, appointments are logged, medication refill requests are attended to as are other essential tasks. But the best thing about them is the 24/7/365 availability and their understanding of the organization they are representing.

The Need for Highly Trained Call Agents

Outsourced call agents tasked with handling medical queries and other tasks have to have specialized training and skills to handle the sensitive nature of these calls. Besides their rigorous training in matters emergency, booking appointments and talking to the busy hospital staff, outsourced customer care staff at a health facility understand medical terminology and pronunciation. Along with that, some can speak more than one language with fluency.

Use of Technology in Compliance and Confidentiality

There’s a notable difference between an in-house customer service and specialized call centers. Medical answering services are bound by adherence to HIPPA laws created to ensure confidentiality of the information received. The laws only certify and accredit a firm once it proves that it is organized and committed to the use of transport layer encryption with multi-factor access level technology.

The Qualities to Consider When Outsourcing Customer Services

The best medical answering service ought to exhibit industry experience, show that it has adequate knowledge on how to handle and report meaningful data and excellent communication. A great third party call center should not look at the job as a contract, but rather as a true business partnership. Essentially, if the firm knows the best practices, aligns in the culture of your brand and promises a blissful relationship, it’s a great fit for your organization.