Why Bilingual Customer Service is Critical in Contact Centers

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More than 21 percent of Americans speak a language other than English, and it is essential to cater to them. Offering multilingual customer service may boost customer satisfaction and business success. Here is why bilingual customer service is critical in contact centers. 

1. Break Down Language Barriers 

Think about a situation when you needed a question answered or an issue resolved. It might be frustrating if a customer support representative does not entirely comprehend your problem.

Many customers feel this frustration daily with companies that don’t speak their language. Meanwhile, businesses miss out on profitable customer relationships when they don’t cater to their customer’s needs. Sizeable profits are lost.  

2. Create Effortless Service Experiences 

People want to have their concerns addressed and questions answered. Bilingual customer service agents improve how your customers feel about your company.  

By responding to customers in their native tongue, these agents cut the confusion and frustrations of poor experiences. And they improve the likelihood that your customer will leave the experience feeling valued and accommodated.  

3. Increase Your Customer Base 

Depending on your unique market, demographics, and location, your business could lose out on essential sales opportunities. Bilingual customer services allow you to tap new revenue pockets by expanding your customer base. Previously ignored customers will choose your business because you understand them better than the competition.  

You can create a culture where non-native English speakers feel welcomed and valued. These new customers will thank you with their loyalty and dollars.  

4. Grow Loyalty and Word-of-Mouth 

Offering bilingual customer services can change how people view your business and brand. If new customers feel understood as they address concerns and pose questions, they will share these experiences with friends and family.  

When word spreads that you offer something of value to your customer beyond a great product, you’ll find that hard-to-reach clients come your way. They may even talk about their experience on social media, cultivating a widespread, positive impression among their community.  

5. Boost Your Expansion Opportunities 

Not only locally do bilingual customer services increase your potential customer base. Many businesses face difficulty in creating business relationships with foreign customers. But, you can improve your reach abroad. Assertive communication is key to pushing the boundaries of your market.  

If you can incorporate bilingual services, you may find yourself reaching customers beyond past limitations. While you’ll improve your local ability to reach new customers, you’ll also ready yourself for global expansion.  

6. Help Retain Current Customers 

Finally, customers who speak another language often dread customer service experiences. Language barriers and implicit confusion pain them. You can assure your current customers that you can address their issues with personal attention.  

Soothing this dread and building rapport with these customers will improve their feelings about interacting with your business. If your service representatives struggle to serve these customers, they compromise experiences and satisfaction rates. 

How Endicott’s Bilingual Customer Services Can Help

Endicott’s bilingual services make it easy for you to reap these benefits. Imagine better customer retainment, global expansion opportunities, improved loyalty, greater outreach, and a more significant customer base. We offer trained and bilingual agents so your business can gain traction with new communities of customers.  

Request a quote or call 800-947-3227 to learn more about our custom solutions for creating exceptional customer service experiences for your clients. We’re happy to offer insight into what your customers seek from your company’s language offerings.