Why Everyone Wins With US-Based Outsourcing

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20171005_092721-1Domestic Outsourcing Answering Services Provide the Ideal Communication Solutions

Outsourcing your telephone communication needs to an answering service is a smart move. Telephone answering services provide a wide array of telephone communication solutions. This helps businesses reduce their costs and improve customer service quality, both during business hours and after hours. In doing so, they provide 24/7 service coverage to your customers and callers.

And if you outsource to an answering service that is 100 percent US-based, the benefits are even greater. Here are five advantages when you outsource your answering service to a US-based company.

  1. US-Based Outsourcing Helps the US Economy: The potential to reduce expenses and improve quality exists with all outsource answering services regardless of location. However, when you outsource to an US-based company, you have the added benefit of contributing to the US economy’s success and growth.

US-based outsourcing keeps the money you pay in the United States and helps grow our national economy. Not only does US-based outsourcing provide the outcomes you desire, it also helps the outsourcer to grow and in turn contribute to our country’s growth. This is why US-based answering service outsourcing is a win-win.

  1. US-Based Outsourcing Minimizes Miscommunication: When you call a business, you expect to enjoy a hassle-free exchange. But when the person who answers the phone is hard to understand, that makes communication difficult and dramatically increases the chance of miscommunication. You end up repeating yourself and asking them to clarify what they said. The call takes longer than it needs to, and even then it’s all too common to hang up wondering if real communication actually happened.

This type of frustration is typical when dealing with overseas answering services and call centers. However, when the answering service is based in the United States, the likelihood of miscommunication is dramatically reduced, and the chance for effective interaction is greatly increased.

  1. US-Based Outsourcing Avoids Cultural Confusion: In addition to the possibility of language uncertainty that occurs too often when dealing with an offshore answering service, there is the added miscommunication that can result when navigating cultural differences. Answering service employees in other countries may have difficulty understanding US slang and idioms. This adds another level of frustration that blocks the goal of achieving effective communication.

This isn’t to imply a bias against foreign-based answering services. However, it does acknowledge the increased likelihood of miscommunication and confusing interactions that can result when talking to a person in another culture whose primary language is not English.

  1. US-Based Outsourcing Best Meets Your Expectations: Selecting a US-based answering service is the ideal solution to avoid these common offshore language and cultural challenges. US-based answering service staff offers the best opportunity to provide the high level of customer service you expect and to do so in an efficient and effective manner. And since most answering services charge by the minute, you want to make every minute count and not keep the meter running trying to clarify confusion caused by offshore agents.
  2. US-Based Outsource Answering Services Can’t Be Beat: When selecting a US-based outsource answering service, pick one with a long history of providing quality communication services to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Verify they perform quality work and are committed to customer service.

This will help you select the best US-based outsource answering service and maximize all the benefits they offer.

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