How Omnichannel Chatbots Improve Customer Experience

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With so many choices, it’s hard to decide what services your company may want to offer. Often, it’s challenging to figure out the terminology. Omni Channel is one of those terms.

What’s Omni Channel Support?

Omni channel customer support seamlessly meets customers’ needs by offering numerous levels of interaction they prefer. The idea is to create a seamless customer experience across many channels.

Social media, omnichannel chatbot, email, ticketing, phone, and many others fall under the Omni Channel umbrella. They’re all connected in an Omni channel setting, making the customer service experience consistent regardless of the interaction. Agents can make notes based on their conversations with each customer, ensuring that issues do not need to be repeated more than once.

The Disney App is an example of an Omnichannel approach. Once a ticket is purchased, you can access it through the app. Consumers can also create Fastpasses, check wait times, and make restaurant reservations in one place. You can view a live map and locate characters, shops, and more.

Why Offering More Than One Support Channel is Important  

Each support channel offers a different type of communication. A customer may prefer a text message or speak with a live agent. It can be live chat or over the phone. If you only use one service channel, it can be challenging to service everyone.

An Omnichannel approach allows for a more seamless and positive customer service experience. Not only are you giving them the option of how they want to interact with you, but you are also providing exceptional customer service.

Multichannel vs. Omni channel

Multi and Omni channels involve physical and digital interactions; the critical difference is how the customer experience is intertwined across those channels. A traditional multichannel retailer will usually have a website and a physical store. These two channels are generally separate and have very little interaction.

Stores have their stock and sell directly to customers, while the website may have different items. If you purchase something in a store, you can go back to that store and return your item. If you make a purchase online, you may not be able to go into the physical store and return it. It can make the consumer feel like they’re interacting with two different businesses.

Today’s consumers do not want to interact with two different stores. They want their interaction online and offline to be seamless. Most consumers want to interact with a store on social media, by text, or in-store. They want these interactions to be unified. Forcing a customer to stick to one channel or making them start at the beginning when switching channels can create frustration and impacts the customer’s experience.

The main difference between multichannel and Omni channel is that Omni channel joins multiple touchpoints together so that, whatever way a consumer chooses to interact with a brand, the experience is consistent.

Omnichannel Chatbot Services

Omnichannel chatbot features are essential for any website, regardless of the product. Live chat allows your customers to get their questions answered instantly. They don’t have to walk into a store and can get help from anywhere. It’s convenient and immediate. Also, when you can immediately interact with a customer, they are less likely to move on to a competitor. Live chat can improve sales and customer loyalty.

The omnichannel chatbot is a low-cost way for you to support your customers and resolve their issues. Customers report an 85-90% success rate when using Endicott’s live chat features. There is also a significant decrease in shopping cart abandonment. Using live chat not only increases brand satisfaction but also tremendously impacts sales. There’s no reason not to add live chat services to your website!

How Our Live Chat Services Can Help You

Endicott’s live chat services make it easier than ever for you to offer the benefits of live chat to your customers. We offer:

  • Easy chat implementation to any website
  • Agents available to support your online visitors 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Real-time visitor shopping insights and the ability to detect customers who might need extra support
  • Agents who are trained to up-sell your products or services and influence the outcome of the sale
  • Helpful advice and answers to customer questions
  • Potential for improvement in bottom-line performance and customer satisfaction
  • Affordable live chat services that are a seamless extension of your office
  • Personalized preapproved scripts to answer frequently asked questions

How Can Endicott Contact Centers Help Your Business? 

Learn more about our various call centers and answering services to match your business needs. Endicott can increase your call center performance and efficiency, lower operational costs, and create new sales opportunities for your business. We are ready to support your customer support outsourcing and be an extension of your brand! Request your quote today!