A Call Center Virtual Receptionist Can Exceed Expectations

Endicott Blog #2 - Dec 21


While business owners are focusing on important tasks at hand, outsourcing call answering to a virtual receptionist gives a company a leg up from others in a specific industry that are simply just using a regular call center. Offering exceptional customer service begins through the first window of communication. With ever-evolving technology, customers today expect round-the-clock service and on-demand communication. No caller wants to hear the automated voicemail prompting them to leave a message. Majority of the time, customers choose not to leave their information or reason for calling. That’s why it’s important to make sure real-time communication is available 24/7.

The potential loss of a sale and the risk of losing a customer becomes more probable if a caller doesn’t reach a representative on the first try. Is this easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be! A virtual receptionist can make the positive impression a customer expects and desires. When greeted by a cheerful, courteous and real-life person on the line, callers experience more favorable interactions. By utilizing a virtual receptionist, business operations are given the opportunity to run more smoothly while also meeting the unique needs of a company, no matter its size.

Virtual Receptionist: Key Roles

Whether it’s resolving customer inquiries or working to make sure no leads are missed, a virtual receptionist acquires tools and solutions needed to reflect the company in a positive light. Proper phone etiquette and mastery of prepared scripts are essential in success. That’s why they are highly trained and given detailed instructions on how to handle calls.

Not only does a virtual receptionist ensure that no call goes unanswered, they are also knowledgeable about a businesses products and services. With a virtual receptionist ready to take calls, expectations of customers are met with ease. 

Let’s explore some of the main roles of a virtual receptionist. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Answering questions and information requests
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Offering 24/7 customer support
  • Transferring calls to the correct department or person
  • Assisting to resolve basic issues
  • Following up with leads

Virtual receptionists are there to weed out what calls are of importance and which ones aren’t. On top of that, business owners can say goodbye to wasting crucial time dealing with spam calls that seem to be constant. Reliable outsourced virtual receptionists can truly set a business apart from the rest by ensuring customers are satisfied on their initial point of contact.

Improving Customer Relations

While a virtual receptionist offers stellar customer service support and speedy solutions, inquiries are handled in a more steady manner. Their level of skill and professionalism is sure to keep customers coming back. It’s no surprise that initial communication waves with a customer can make or break a business deal. Ensuring that they are not sent to an automated machine will only better the chances of building-up a company.

There are a few key factors to be considered when seeking to enhance customer relations through the utilization of outsourced virtual receptionists. Here are a couple to be considered.

  • Customized Scripts: A trained virtual receptionist will know exactly how to respond to callers while managing daily requests at ease. Scripts can be customized to reflect a brand while creating a communication process that meets caller needs quickly. No matter the industry, virtual receptionists can be trained accordingly.
  • Bilingual Servicing: When a receptionist is able to effectively communicate with a customer, trust and satisfaction are garnered. Speaking to a representative in one’s native language can truly make the difference in achieving customer service solutions. A language barrier should never prevent a company from closing a deal or helping a customer.

Also worth mentioning is the cost-effectiveness of acquiring a virtual receptionist. Not only is this a smart investment for a company, costs to outsource are lower because there is no fixed salary. A business only pays for time used.  Think – quality at a lower cost!

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