Answering service for sensitive calls


An experienced answering service can provide invaluable support for a wide range of industries. When you partner with a reputable answering service, you can save time and money. However, some companies may be wary of using an answering service due to the nature of their business. Be assured that a veteran answering service such as Endicott is well-equipped to assist you with calls that are sensitive in nature.

Funeral Homes

The impending death of a loved one is a somber yet inevitable part of life. If you are in a business like a funeral home  or a hospice, your customers require a different level of customer service. When you are dealing with customers who are going through this difficult time in their lives, it is important to understand how to connect with these callers and help them transition as smoothly as possible. These are sensitive calls that we handle daily.


Your professionally trained agents should be trained to display a high level of empathy and compassion with each caller. The agent should not be extremely upbeat and cheerful when a distressed customer is on the line, but instead be sympathetic and soothing to help ease the customer. Additionally, it is important that your answering service is HIPAA-compliant for healthcare companies such as hospices. They must be trained specifically on issues important to home care and hospice, and knowledgeable of applicable medical terms and gears typically found in a home care or hospice setting.

Crisis Hotlines

Another industry that requires a high level of empathy and care would be one that facilitates crisis hotlines. An answering service offers the ability to make your crisis hotline available at any time. Agents that are working in this setting are trained for the various situations they can face on a day-to-day basis, employing compassion, accuracy, and a sense of urgency. These types of calls are extremely important since they typically require immediate assistance.

Regardless of what industry you are in, Endicott can create answering service solution you need. Our team of highly qualified agents, backed up by a strong quality assurance and management team, is ready to handle your calls in a professional and courteous manner. Contact us today so that we can design a program for you that will fit all your needs.