Customer Experience – What is Secure Text Messaging and Why Should I Care?

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Security experts assert that normal text messaging offers very little privacy to users, but text messaging is easy to use and growing in popularity. As more people buy smartphones, more people send text messages. Because text messages are so common and so frequent, people seldom think about their security.  Keeping our practices secure directly effects our customer experience.

The reality is that when it comes to text messages, people who shouldn’t see your texts can intercept and access them. This means you shouldn’t send private information by text, unless it undergoes some sort of encryption.

Here are some things that are risky to send by text:

Passwords and Security Codes:

Sending passwords and security codes by text messaging runs the risk of exposing this information to people and organizations interested in logging into your accounts. They seek information to exploit and money to steal. This confirms why passwords and security codes are critical. That’s why it’s important to keep them safe and out of the hands of people who want to do you harm.

Personal Health Information:

It is illegal as well as unethical, to send Personal health information (PHI) via text. HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) covers this in its regulations. Violators face fines, as well as negative publicity over not keeping PHI private. Yet if this information is sent by text, the sender stands in violation of HIPAA regulations. The solution is to use secure text messaging whenever personal health information is shared.

Financial Data:

Another concern is financial information. Most people desire to keep their finances secret. In fact, many people keep financial details from their family members. Yet they may not think twice about sending a text containing sensitive information to a trusted financial advisor. Unfortunately, this information then becomes subject to intercept and capture. Keeping this information secure is that added customer experience we strive to provide.

Everything Else You Want to Keep Private:

By now you’re thinking of other information you want to keep away from hackers and criminals. But when you send this via text, it’s available for snoopers to grab and exploit.

If these items concern you, you have two options. One, don’t send them via text. Two, use secure text messaging.

Endicott uses a secure messaging service that allows us to send sensitive information by text to their clients. It’s safe, it’s protected, and it’s secure. If you’re in the healthcare or financial sectors, secure text messaging is essential. And even if you’re not in these critical areas, it may be a good idea to use secure messaging, too. After all, you want to keep your private information private. And secure text messaging can help.

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