HIPAA Accountability: What HIPAA Compliance Means To Your Business

HIPAA Compliance for Business


Everyone in the medical industry has heard of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly referred to as HIPAA, and its extensive requirements and importance to patient privacy.

HIPAA was enacted in 1996 and was put into place to control the flow of medical information and provides guidelines for how personally identifiable information can be shared. It also provided guidance on how personally identifiable information must be protected from fraud and theft and addressed concerns with healthcare insurance coverage limitations.

However, when you hear HIPAA referenced by medical industry companies, what exactly are they talking about? How does a company ensure that it is compliant with the HIPAA regulations?

What does HIPAA compliance mean to you and your company? This article will look at HIPAA and talk about what it means to your clients and how Endicott Call Centers stays compliant with the regulations.

Compliance Defined

For a company to be HIPAA compliant, it demonstrates that they are aware of the guidelines and requirements and agree to abide by them. Once a company advertises that it is HIPAA compliant, it can be held accountable for maintaining compliance.

While required by all who handle personally identifiable information, compliance is not regularly audited or checked unless there is a reported issue. Medical practices and other businesses are expected to follow the recommendations and ensure all rules and regulations are followed.

The regulations outlined in HIPAA are designed to prevent the unnecessary transfer or duplication of sensitive information. Keeping personally identifiable information private protects a patient’s privacy, helps protect against discrimination, and reduces identity theft instances, among other things.

How Does HIPAA Compliance Impact Your Company

When you outsource processes involving personally identifiable information, you should ensure that it is handled correctly and within the HIPAA requirements. Not only is this an ethical issue, but it can also become a legal issue if the information is found being mishandled. Patient privacy and confidentiality is a concern for both patients and medical practices alike.

Knowing that your call center partner keeps your patients’ information safe is less worrying on your behalf. Additionally, having things such as call center agents’ certifications available, if necessary, provides an additional safety net for your practice in case an audit or complaint surfaces.

Endicott Call Centers Takes HIPAA Seriously

Endicott Call Centers has a long and dedicated track record working with healthcare providers and medical practices and providing high-quality HIPAA compliant services. All Endicott agents are required to participate in HIPAA training programs and are annually recertified. Our services have supported medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals. These are places where ER physicians, lab technicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on efficient and accurate communications.

In addition to our Emergency Call Center Dispatch Service, we also provide answering services for individual medical staffers, veterinarians, hospice care facilities, home healthcare agencies, medical supply companies, insurance carriers, and medical event planners. We have a widespread presence in healthcare industries.

Endicott has many rules and policies that ensure that sensitive, personally identifiable information is protected and that HIPAA regulations are followed. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Secure text messaging
  • No pen and paper or cell phones on the call floor
  • Technological controls such as no printing or screen capture from laptops
  • Prohibiting the ability to record screens or audio
  • Using only company systems and servers
  • Ability to visually monitor the  environment of remote workers (webcams)
  • Background checked agents
  • Secure email for all staff
  • Portal access to messages

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