How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Streamline Your Workflow



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Virtual assistants can help make your business run more smoothly in a variety of ways. Using virtual assistants is becoming a more and more common trend in today’s business world. You might not realize that virtual assistants can perform all kinds of functions that will streamline your business’s workflow. 

Virtual assistants offer holistic help for your business beyond what you might expect. Outsourcing work to a call center’s virtual assistance can take a great deal of daily stress off of your in-house staff. From receptionist duties to personal scheduling to accounting tasks, a virtual assistant can completely change how efficiently your business operates. 

A Virtual Assistant Streamlines the Hiring and Training Process

When you use a virtual assistant through a call center, you do not have to worry about hiring employees or training them. A call center handles all the staffing tasks related to recruiting, hiring, and training its staff members. You can trust that your virtual assistant will be well-trained and capable.

  • Your company will save money on employee overhead costs. 
  • You will save money on training materials. 
  • The call center’s virtual assistant will only need to familiarize themselves with your company’s specifics.

While outsourcing to a call center might seem like an additional expense for your company to undertake, you will find that it will save you money in the long run. In the midst of a pandemic when many people have grown accustomed to little face-to-face contact, virtual assistants fit in perfectly with daily operations. 

A Virtual Assistant Can Handle Receptionist Tasks Remotely 

In today’s world, it is common for virtual assistants to handle receptionist’s tasks remotely from their home offices. All of the following can be done by a virtual assistant, saving you from hiring an in-house receptionist: 

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment changes
  • Answer phone calls
  • Transcribe messages
  • Reschedule meetings when necessary

A virtual assistant can handle all the tasks an in-house receptionist can save for greeting people as they walk in the door. 

A Virtual Assistant Can Provide Important Reminders

When your goal is to streamline workflow, forgetting or overlooking important tasks can be catastrophic. A virtual assistant can ensure these necessary processes are taken care of each day. Virtual assistants can send automatic reminders in order to ensure workflow is operating effectively throughout your entire office. 

It is easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you are restructuring your in-house workflow. Instead of expecting every piece of the puzzle to run smoothly with no kinks, allow a virtual assistant to act as a backup.

A Virtual Assistant Can Screen Calls and Emails

Not every call that comes into your business is of equal importance. If you have your in-house team doing double duty answering phones while performing their dedicated tasks, your productivity can suffer greatly. 

It is difficult to switch gears between tasks, especially when the phone is ringing every few minutes. With a virtual assistant, you can rest assured that your company’s phone calls and emails are being handled efficiently and effectively without disrupting productivity.

Additionally, a virtual assistant can work on your email inbox based on a specific set of guidelines that you choose. For example, if you are awaiting an email from an important prospective client, your virtual assistant can flag it for you to respond quickly. At the same time, your virtual assistant can remove junk and spam emails without you ever having to spend time reading them. 

A Virtual Assistant Can Investigate Customer Account Issues

While virtual assistants are great at handling reception duties, they can also take care of other departmental jobs as well. If you have an overworked accounting department, for example, your virtual assistant can chase down clients for collections. Additionally, your virtual assistant can help keep your accounts payable in check by ensuring invoices are paid in a timely manner each month.

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