How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From a Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant can be a great asset to any busy real estate agent. Agents need to be available to their clients many hours of the day, taking care of contracts, making and accepting bids, and handling all the calls that come in. Doing this on your own can quickly wear out any agent. A virtual assistant can assist you with your work so you can focus on providing the best customer service possible.

A Virtual Assistant is More Cost-Effective 

As an agent, time is money. No matter how busy you get each day, you still need to answer all those phone calls and emails, or you may leave the potential business behind. Many clients, especially new home buyers, need reassurance and someone to answer their small questions right away. While answering these calls is essential, not every phone call that comes into your office is crucial, and many of them will be a waste of your time.

Instead of worrying about taking calls that are not urgent, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle all this work. A virtual assistant can screen all of your calls to make sure you only deal with clients who are listing or buying a home. This screening cuts out solicitors and others who slow you down and take valuable time away from your clients.

Save Time

There are many tasks that a real estate agent needs to handle each day. Many realtors struggle to find time to do it all, from helping their buyers and sellers to maintaining all the paperwork and appointments.

A virtual assistant can take over some of the work, saving you time during the day. Whether you have them file the necessary paperwork, answer calls while you are with other clients, or set up appointments, a virtual assistant can take away some of the work. Doing this frees up your time so you can provide better customer service.

Customize the Help You Need

Do you need someone who can answer the phone for you while you are away from the desk? Do you need someone who can set appointments and keep your calendar in order? Or perhaps you need specialized help to keep your business running strong?

A real estate virtual assistant can customize their services to meet your needs. No matter what you need assistance with, or even if you need help with it all, a virtual assistant can be there to help. Decide what services you need the most so you can find the right virtual assistant for you.

Available When You Need Them Most

Real estate agents have extended hours that can go late into the night. You may try to set up open houses at certain times and limit how often you show homes or meet with potential buyers and sellers to certain hours of the day. But potential customers may search for homes at different times of the day, meaning your availability has to remain pretty open.

In the beginning, you may assume you can handle all of this on your own. But after a few late-night calls, you will begin to see that this is exhausting after running around with clients all day. A virtual assistant can provide you with many services, including phone-answering services, so your potential customers get the answers they need, even in the middle of the night.

Running a real estate business requires the agent to wear many hats. Handling all the work on your own can be daunting and will exhaust even a professional agent. Hiring a virtual assistant can decrease the workload, giving you time to breathe while still providing the service your clients expect. 

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