Outsource Your Appointment Setting to Reduce Overhead



If you are a business owner looking to reduce your overhead costs, a great place to begin is outsourcing certain tasks that do not need to be done within the office space. One of these tasks is appointment setting. 

Third-party companies or individuals can handle your appointment setting for you, preventing you from having to pay overhead costs for an in-house employee. These in-house costs can add up once you consider the employee’s salary, office space, and the necessary utilities. A third-party appointment setter negates all of those overhead costs.

Outsourcing Costs vs. In-House Costs

While it costs money to outsource, you will save money in the long run. Even if you had one dedicated employee on your payroll whose only job was to set up sales leads and make appointments, you would need to consider how much overhead it would cost you. 

  • Salary plus benefits
  • Office space, utilities, office supplies
  • Time spent training
  • Time spent analyzing data
  • Quality control and human resources 

All of these elements factor into the overhead costs of one employee. In all likelihood, your business’ appointment setting duties might require more than one employee. 

When you outsource your appointment setting to a third-party call center, you do not have to worry about any of the overhead costs. You know that the agent will be highly trained and laser-focused on setting up promising appointments for your business. 

The revenue a third-party appointment setter can bring in, plus the money saved on overhead costs, can do wonders for your business’s bottom line.

Outsourced Appointment Setters Are Highly Skilled

When you have your in-house staff calling your sales clients to set up appointments, you are limiting that team’s potential. Your employees are spending valuable time on the phone with confirmed sales clients when they could be being more productive elsewhere. 

With a third-party agency handling your appointment setting, you are not only saving overhead costs, but you are freeing up your team members to work on other tasks. If you outsource all call center functions for your business, no cold-calling or appointment setting needs to be done by your employees themselves. 

  • Your in-house team can be smaller.
  • Your smaller team will be more efficient.
  • The money saved on a smaller team can be used to strengthen your business. 

In your small business, you want to focus on quality over quantity. Your downsized staff will not waste precious time on potential dead ends or busy work. They will have more time to grow the business alongside you. 

Dedicated Appointment Setters Produce Better Leads

If you outsource your appointment setting to a dedicated third party, you can rest assured that the company will be focused on producing reliable, high-quality leads for you. While you and your employees have a more holistic view of your company, the appointment setters will have one goal in mind: to create good leads and set up promising appointments. 

This allows your company to come into contact with a higher percentage of valued clientele. While you are saving money on the overhead costs in-house, you have the potential to make more money since the leads coming in from the appointment setters will be more likely to bear fruit. 

  • Your sales team can concentrate on its most important duty.
  • The appointment setters will create sales leads the sales team can utilize. 
  • These two teams do not have to work in-house together to work in tandem.

An outsourced appointment setting company will learn all about your company and your ideal customer so that they can make the calls and set up the appointments for your sales team to eventually land sales.