3 Reasons to Stop Using Voicemail Service for a Small Business


As a small business, you can’t be open all the time. You need time to go home and be with your family; your employees need the same thing. You may be unable to afford to have someone in the office to answer calls and help customers after hours. So you choose to work with a voicemail service for a small business.

Using a voicemail service is an inefficient way to help your customers. It wastes time, does not assist when the customers need it, and can make your customers unhappy. Some of the reasons why voicemail is not the best solution to handle your after-hours calls include:

Your Customers Want a Live Person

Customers call your company to get answers. They may have a complaint they need fixed or have questions about your business, a product, or something else concerning you. They do not want to call in to talk with a voice machine. Talking to a robot does not help them. In fact, it may cause more problems than it is worth. They have to leave a bunch of information behind and hope to hear back from you later. Often by the time you contact them, it is at a time that is inconvenient to them.

Your customers want to talk to a live person right when they call. The sooner you can provide them with service during that call, hopefully, right when they call in, the higher the customer satisfaction. Do not waste your time or your customers’ time on voicemail service for small businesses. Use a call center with live representatives to help handle your customers and any questions or concerns they have, even after hours.

Your Customers Want Instant Solutions

When your customers call your business, they want to get help right away. When they have to leave a voicemail, they will become frustrated. No one is there to help them, and it is hard to know when someone will come back to answer their questions.

Some customers may wait until the morning and call back. This makes voicemail ineffective on another level because your customers need to contact you a second time. Many customers do not call back, though, and do not leave a voicemail. They may just get frustrated and want nothing to do with your business any longer, making you lose a customer in the process.

No One is Leaving a Voicemail

Voicemail service for a small business is not practical because no one is leaving voicemails. Around 80% of callers do not leave a message when prompted. This makes it impossible for you to provide the customer with any solution to their problem. You do not know who called, their problem or question, or how to help them. When you utilize a live person through a call center, you have a chance to fix the problem for your customer and help them out, rather than being left in the dark.

How Endicott’s Call Centers Can Improve Your Customer Experience

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