4 Reasons You Should Offer Bilingual Support

Offer Bilingual Support


If your business is considering multilingual customer service, you likely understand some of the obvious benefits it brings to your customer. This type of customer service allows your customer to interact with you in the language they feel most comfortable. This type of service can also benefit your business. Some of the main reasons that you should consider bilingual support for your business include:


Builds Trust with Your Customers

The first benefit of having bilingual support is it strengthens loyalty with your customers. In one report in 2014, 74% of your potential customers are more likely to purchase from a company that will offer support in their language if something goes wrong. In that same report, it was found that businesses that offered multilingual support had some of the most loyal customers.

Your customer wants to make sure that they can communicate with your customer service when they make a purchase. Whether they have a question, need help with placing an order, or need to troubleshoot a problem with the product, your customers want to know someone will be there to help them out.


Beat the Competition

With bilingual support, you can beat your competitor. Customers are more likely to choose your business over the competition if you offer them multilingual customer service options. This behavior is a massive advantage for you, especially if you work in an over-saturated industry. With this kind of support, you can offer tailored support in several languages, making you more competitive in any industry.


Opens Your Potential for More Sales

While these multilingual services will improve your relationship with your customers, it can increase your market opportunities. If you only offer your product in English, with no support in other languages, you are putting a limit on which markets you can sell in. Adding in one or two other languages to your support system will allow you to expand to those customers.

Whether your business is in America, Europe, or another part of the world, having multilingual support can increase your sales. Think about where potential customers live and see what languages you should add to your support system.


Boosts Efficiency

Your business will run more efficiently when you add bilingual support. One of your customer support goals is to drive down how much time you spend on a single customer. The faster support can provide their services or make a sale before moving to the next person in line, the better.

To maximize your time talking to customers on the phone, you should speak in their preferred language. If your support does not offer help in more than one language or do not use native speakers, it can slow down the process and decrease your business’s efficiency.

Having excellent customer service is integral to your business growth. If you add multilingual support, you can increase your reach, improve customer loyalty, make your business more efficient, and beat out the competition. And it is all as simple as adding in support options in different languages. 


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