How a Legal Practice Can Benefit from Outsourcing Customer Service

Legal Practice Outsource Customer Service


Running a legal practice is a complex and ever-changing task that sees all staff multitask and manage multiple roles. As businesses seek to reduce stress and increase employees’ productivity, legal practices have seen a significant shift in the way of outsourcing in recent years. Utilizing a legal answering service is rapidly becoming more popular as both large and small law firms seek to minimize costs, increase flexibility, and expand their in-house capabilities.

Among the processes often outsourced, customer service is the most convenient and logical first choice. Outsourcing customer service reduces the strain and distraction of incoming calls from current staff. It also ensures all calls are answered and being handled uniformly.

Cost & Resource Management

The primary reason for outsourcing any process is generally to free up resources and to provide more reliable and higher quality service to their clients. Removing the task of answering calls from office staff free them up to focus on their primary responsibilities.

However, it also allows a dedicated, professional customer service support agent trained on how to provide excellent customer service to handle each and every call. This support not only increases productivity in the office but also makes for more satisfied clients.

24/7/365  Support

By working with a call center, you can provide customer service to your clients 24/7. This extended level of service can make your customers feel better about communication with your firm and keep your office staff from missing essential calls coming in after hours.

Having 24/7 support also allows your office staff access to information and messages from calls 24/7. Information can be provided to agents to be passed on to specific callers, or staff can be notified about calls of concern or extreme urgency. Being able to respond more dynamically around the clock is a significant advantage to any law firm.

Multilingual Options

While English is the most common language in the US, clients are often more comfortable communicating via their native languages. To provide the best level of support, firms have to adapt to their clientele’s preferred languages. Doing so can be costly and difficult using the in-office staff. However, by using a legal answering service, multilingual support is provided without additional input from the firm.

Flexibility of Expansion

Ensuring proper staffing can be a difficulty for any firm, even under routine conditions. With peak seasons, illness, and other unforeseen circumstances, staffing can quickly become a significant concern.

By outsourcing to a legal answering service, firms do not have to worry about incoming call volume. The heavy lifting would be done by the service provider, who would have the ability to assign additional agents as needed depending on the firm’s call volume.

Multi-Channel Customer Service

Generally, calls and emails are the most common channels of communication. However, with outsourcing, law firms can add more channels to their existing customer services operation, such as text messages or live chat. These additional channels allow clients to get immediate answers to their questions.

The additional services provide extra convenience to your clients and can lead to new clients. People browsing for services often cite a lack of communication options as a primary reason for moving on to a competitor.

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