Forced to Go Digital- How Companies Are Adapting

Going Digital


Companies today have been forced to move to more digital means since the beginning of the year due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This ordeal has taken a tremendous toll on companies, and many have been forced to close their doors forever.

Some businesses are doing very well with the digital redirection. Even after re-opening from lockdowns, companies are still affected by reduced traffic and slow markets. The ones that are succeeding are adapting their standard business practices to fit the new demands. In this post, we’re going to explain how companies are adapting to the current COVID Crisis. 


How Companies Are Adapting

When one thinks of a company being “forced to go digital,” they may think it refers to creating websites and offering remote work. However, there is a lot more than just providing these opportunities to employers and customers in reality. When it comes to “going digital,” companies had to change many operations. 

Retail companies were one of the most prominently affected businesses during the pandemic. When people were locked down, and company policies and sanitation had to change, many companies – from grocery stores to department stores – saw both customers and revenue losses.

Companies from every sector began having the same experiences. With the pandemic affecting everyone, businesses were having issues with their employees as well. Changes needed to be made to address both issues for companies to survive. 


Implementing New Changes

Many different solutions began being implemented across all sectors of the market. Some of the options were expansions on already existing programs, while others were being utilized for the first time. Some of these solutions include:

  • Creating and enhancing websites so customers could order goods online.
  • Offering remote work opportunities to current employees.
  • Hiring more freelancers and independent contractors. 
  • Hiring out-of-network resources (outsourcing).
  •  Stepping up social media optimization for communication and advertising.
  •  Increasing digital marketing.
  • Moving entire departments to remote positions.
  • Implementing telehealth services.
  • Offering virtual appointments 
  • Personalizing their automated agents (i.e., the chatbots and virtual assistants) to answer more questions for patients and customers.
  • Increasing online services to 24/7 support.
  • Hiring call centers to provide round-the-clock support and customer service.
  • Making digital interactions more personable.
  • Changing their technology and IT security to adapt to new changes.


Utilizing Call Centers

Many companies have begun using call centers to help reduce stress on their current staff and help absorb the additional call volume from customers who are unsure of new business changes. 

Routing incoming call through a call center allows staff to focus on other tasks. It provides call center agents an opportunity to filter out common questions about hours, services, and other potential changes. By filtering these calls, it allows staff to focus on customers that need their help. 

Many other services call centers offer can help businesses during these changes. Alleviating stress on current staff can improve their productivity and allow them to handle call outs and make increased workloads more manageable. 


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